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Harsh desert environment is extremely harmful to your vehicles paint. Things like Bugs, UV Rays, and pigeon poop are harmful to your cars surface. AuTEC shield is not wax, it’s a unique blend of polymers that provides “Total Vehicle Protection” by bonding to the vehicles surface and producing a semi-durable protective layer that provides protection during everyday driving. AuTEC shield will help extend the life and look of chrome, rubber, plastic and adheres to the surface of your vehicle. As you exit the car wash AuTEC Shield will be sprayed onto the surface of the car covering the entire car and protecting its surface. The next step before you drive through the dryers will be our Spot Free Rain Arch, this will rinse all remaining residue off the car and you will see the water begging to pool and flow off the car. This pooling shows you that the AuTEC Shield is working, and the water is Softened and Spot Free. Combined with our Wax this will give your vehicle maximum protection from our Yuma environment.