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The Founder of Tropic Car wash is Marvin. Marvin is currently in the US Army. Him and his wife Pamela moved their family to Yuma on military orders as a new duty station.  Since living here, they have really come to appreciate the friendly people, all the businesses in the City of Yuma, along with the great Arizona weather.  The things they have discovered here is racing at the dirt track, taking the family to the Yuma County fair, Air shows, parades and the many great restaurants and outdoor activities. They realized Yuma will be a great place to retire and start a new business!

The Foothills area seems to be growing quite a bit. With construction going up around here Marvin thought it would be a great place to start a car wash on 32nd and Ave 8E.  They noticed when they washed their cars there were hard water spots along with dried bugs that would not get removed.  Marvin started researching companies and found they could develop a car wash package and facility through AuTEC. The AuTEC system could attach additional functions that would allow us the best cleaning system available.  The equipment they  purchased was an industrial strength water softener that will soften all water going into our system, every drop is softened. Marvin also added a 3000 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to ensure we are truly spot free, and of course the work horse of it all the AuTEC 425 Soft Touch.

Having a small buisness is truly humbling and motivating all at the same time. With hard work, great customer service and ensuring we produce clean cars they will make Tropic Car Wash an asset to the exceptional Yuma community. Please come visit your community car wash, say hello and if you have any questions or comments contact us and we will do our best to answer you in a timely manner.

What is an AuTEC?? AuTEC is a car wash equipment company, established in 1981, in Statesville, North Carolina that encompasses marketing, research & development, engineering & drafting, welding & metal fabrication, paint & surface preparation, electrical, assembly, technical service, and a complete chemical blending, formulating and packaging operation. AuTEC builds the best car wash equipment, here in the USA. AuTEC has car wash equipment all over the world and with support teams and customer service it was easy for Tropic Car Wash to partner with this amazing company. The system at Tropic Car Wash is the AuTEC 425 Soft Touch. This system washes thousands of automobiles every day at auto dealers, auto service locations, professional car washes and convenient store locations across the country.