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Buy On-Line!!

Purchasing wash packages online?? Guess what you can share the assigned code with friends or family to allow them to use your washes. When you arrive to the pay machine enter your code and then select your wash you wish to use....

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The POWER!!!!

Harsh desert environment is extremely harmful to your vehicles paint. Things like Bugs, UV Rays, and pigeon poop are harmful to your cars surface. AuTEC shield is not wax, it’s a unique blend of polymers that provides "Total Vehicle Protection" by bonding to the...

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We can do that here at the Tropic Car Wash!! Save money on the Car Wash soap, sponges, rags and towels. With our car wash you will be able to wash more cars hourly, plus most people see a fundraiser Car Wash and the dirty bucket of water and the rags filled with sand...

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No More Bugs!

At Tropic Car Wash we take pride in the quality of work our facility provides. Our car wash system is setup and tailored for our Yuma environment. Dried Bugs!! We can combat that with our Bug Buster package. Bug Buster includes a sprayer that activates when you stop...

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